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What We Offer

Skin Cancer Awareness and Detection

We offer various skin consultations, patient education, regular medical skin examinations, and full-body mole assessments, to help with skin cancer prevention and detection.

Medical Skin Check

Experienced Skin Cancer Doctors can perform an initial 30-minute full-body skin examination. Moles and suspicious skin lesions are thoroughly assessed, photographed as needed, and a professional assessment and treatment plan is offered.

Digital Mole Imaging

The UV Skin Cancer Clinic offers state-of-the-art digital imaging of your skin, which helps identify suspicious moles and your skin concerns. FotoFinder Digital Dermoscopy is used to magnify moles to observe their deeper structures, to better assess and detect early skin cancers.

Skin Cancer Treatment and Solutions

UV Skin cancer doctors can perform a biopsy or excision to confirm if a suspect skin spot is dangerous. The biopsy sample is sent away for pathology testing at a laboratory. If the mole or lesion is malignant or cancerous, the Skin Cancer Doctor can review with you and may perform some further minor surgery. Else they will arrange the appropriate medical or surgical follow-up you may require