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Digital Image Mole Mapping
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Digital Image Mole Mapping

At UV Skin Cancer Clinic, digital image mole mapping or mole scan involves combining the world’s leading AI powered skin imaging system – Fotofinder with highly qualified skin cancer doctors.

Fotofinder Technology

Fotofinder has over 25 years of experience and is at the forefront of skin imaging machines. Backed by studies and science from world renowned universities, Fotofinder offers the most accurate technology around for digital image mole mapping.

Combining Digital Imaging Mole Mapping with expert Skin Doctors

At UV Skin Cancer Clinic, the skin doctors are trained to conduct the digital image mole mapping which means the entire assessment is run in consultation with a skin doctor.

This provides you with the most powerful combination of AI that scans a global database containing millions of cases to assess any suspicious lesions in addition to the expertise of the highly qualified skin doctors.

How Digital Imaging Mole Mapping Works

As the name suggests, Digital Imaging Mole Mapping involves taking multiple photos covering the entire body, which are then securely stored in a database. It’s a digitised copy of a patient’s skin which keeps a record of lesions of concern.

A ‘total body mole map’ allows for the ability to compare current and past pictures of moles on the body with pictures taken in the future, when the patient returns for a follow-up appointment. The creation of a road map serves as the best strategy for monitoring the appearance of new moles.

Such a procedure is extremely useful for identifying the extent of skin cancer in patients if any and also for the purpose of determining slow change or progression within an identified lesion. The earlier that significant change has been detected, the better the chances of a positive prognosis and the person surviving most skin cancers, including the more malignant type melanoma.

Why Digital Imaging Mole Mapping is Beneficial During a Skin Check

Globally, digital imaging for mole maps assists significantly in confirming the findings and primary diagnosis that’s based on the findings of your skin doctor. In effect, it double-checks whatever your doctor believes is the likely condition of your skin while also providing them with a comprehensive record of your skin.

Any photographed images of your skin contribute to the benchmark for further monitoring the overall health of your skin and detecting any lesions, moles or signs of change that weren’t present at the initial mole mapping session. Furthermore, these aid in the process of determining treatment strategies for restorative therapies, as well as recommending sun protection plans and skincare treatments to suit your situation.

Who Should Book an Appointment for Mole Mapping?

Digital Imaging Mole Mapping is absolutely worth scheduling an appointment for if you fall under one of these categories:

  • People with a history of melanoma
  • People with multiple moles located on their body
  • People whose GP/practitioner has recommended sequential monitoring or a mole-mapping service
  • People with a chronic skin condition
  • People undergoing therapeutic intervention, due to which progression images may be requested
  • People who are genuinely concerned about their overall skin health and want a professional to check for anything that may be of concern, especially on hard-to-see areas of the skin

Book Your Skin Check with Digital Imaging Mole Mapping at UV Skin Cancer Clinic

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