Dr. Nick Kokotis


Nick’s professional journey began in 1990 but his interest in skin cancer developed when he moved to Cairns in 2000. During his time there he saw thousands of patients with severe sun damage and performed hundreds of excisions much of it complicated surgery on patients who didn’t have access to an overworked and limited hospital system. This led to him in 2002 spending 6 months in Brisbane working full time in skin cancer before heading back to Cairns to launch the first ever digital dermoscopy skin cancer service.

We are fortunate that when he came to Bluff Road Medical in 2006 he used his knowledge and founded the skin cancer service which has now grown to a team of over 10 doctors within the UV Skin Clinic. Also, being a founding partner of Southern Cosmetics since 2012 allowing us to offer patients services encompassing skin care and anti ageing solutions.

He has been busy over the years through:

  • Being a member of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia since 2007
  • Completing a Dermoscopy Masterclass as well as a Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery.
  • Completing a Diploma of Dermoscopy through Healthcert and Bond University
  • Been a lecturer for Healthcert in Skin Cancer Medicine, Medical and Cosmetic lasers. Also assisting as a surgical demonstrator for their advanced surgical courses.
  • Regularly keeping up to date on the latest advancements in technologies and techniques for skin cancer through conference attendance; including  2 World Congresses of Dermoscopy – Brisbane 2012 , Thessaloniki 2018.

Nick truly believes that skin checks are more than just mole checks. He is passionate about patient care and building a team that can assess, and comprehensively treat all aspects of sun damaged skin.