Dr. Nyree Littler


Nyree started her life and her studies up in sunny Queensland so it’s of no surprise that she has an interest in skin cancer- both diagnosis and surgery. After graduating from the University of Queensland in 2015 she completed her internship and residency in Brisbane before making the decision to move down to experience the joys of four seasons in one day that Melbourne has to offer. This is also where she commenced her career in General Practice and as she is a very visual person, she proceeded to work for several years at skin cancer clinics where she appreciates the fulfilment of performing in person skin checks. Additionally, her childhood enjoyment of embroidery has transferred to her professional life where she uses her agile hands to perform a wide range of excisions, including flaps and grafts.

She is an Accredited skin cancer doctor with the Skin Cancer College of Australia and has also completed the following:

  • Certificate of Dermoscopy
  • Advanced Clinical Certificate of Dermoscopy
  • Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine
  • Advanced Clinical Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery.